• Lyndsay Elizabeth

A New Website

Well it's just post witchy seasom, Samhain is the Celtic New Year, so I want to start with a website dedicated to my writing. Prior to this I had a WordPress and posted poems on on for a while before letting it fall by the by.

This site will include me posting about my writing projects and directing you in the direction of publications. I will also try to review books I am reading and start doing unboxing videos for the amazing Fairyloot book club I am subscribed to.

I write Young Adult Fiction, and foolishly self published a book I wrote when I was 18/19 years old. Since then I have written many other novels and I soon intend to go down the route of finding an agent and publisher.

I also write shory stories and have a few professionally published in anthologies.

I will write a seperate post dedicated to those soon.

In the meantime thank you for visiting. Please send me questions or comments and I will endeavour to respond.

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