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Nanowrimo Epic Fail

Well folks, its day 25, I'm supposed to have nearly 42000 words and I have just over 15000. Trying to be kind to myself! The last while has been difficult after losing my Granny. I am finding that I can write, it's just harder than usual, and that I find myself being so easily distracted. I have worked hard on my Van Gogh cross stitch, I have painting my first custom doll face and read many, many books when I was struggling to do anything before.

So, there's plenty of energy somehow, I just don't have to ability to focus it on one singular thing!

So, sadly I kind of feel like I wasted one of my awesome Book in a Months. This is a wee book by Victoria Lynn Schmidt that helps you organise yourself and write a first draft in 30 days. I've used it successfully for Nanowrimo, and also for just a random month where I forced myself to write a first draft of a novel outside of sacred November. I highly recommend it. I can just keep using this, even if it's no longer going to be 30 consecutive days.

I also keep reminding myself that the reading is good too, even if I can't write, reading is not only enjoyable and healing, or escape, it's also how writers learn. A huge part of the learning. You see how others put stories together, creative characters, write dialogue and you learn to look at your own work through a new lens.

I'm grateful that I have energy, however all over the place and chaotic it is. I hope anyone else doing Nano this year is having a better time of it.

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